July 05, 2014

Back in Time and Off to Scotland

One of my favourite authors, Diana Gabaldon, has a new book called "Written in My Own Heart's Blood".  

I was introduced to Ms. Gabaldon's Outlander series several years ago by one of my friends, another avid reader like myself.  The series follows the life of a woman who, post World War I, steps through a break in time while visiting some standing stones (think "Stonehenge") in Scotland and steps back two hundred years.  She meets a man and marries but returns through the stones before the great Highland battles.  She returns to live with her present-day husband up until his death, raising her daughter by her Highland husband of the ancient past.  Through several books we follow the adventures of this couple and their family.  It's been a few years now since the last book, so the new one is sitting in my living room, singing its siren call as it waits for me to finish up some other projects so I can devote some time to reading it.  

Finally there is to be a television series based on the book series.  I can only guess that with the tv
show due to start, the decision was made to do a tour to coincide with the tv show and the release of the book.  When I saw a link recently on the Outlander facebook page that connected to Ms. Gabaldon's home page, I followed it.  Consequently I signed up for her blog and discovered that she would be signing autographs in three cities within a three-hour drive of where I live.  I decided to go to the closest one (a mere one and a half hours away) and asked one of my coworkers if she wanted to go, too.  I'd introduced her to the Outlander series a couple of years ago so she was also keen to go.  

We drove to Barrie and had no idea how long the line would actually be before we were able to meet Ms. Gabaldon and have her sign our new books.  It was touch and go for a while because my co-worker drove us there and she had to leave by a certain time, but we made it and we got our books signed. 

Me and Diana Gabaldon, June 22, 2014