March 30, 2021

"Social" versus "Physical" Distancing

I think the government is part of the problem. Calling it "social" distancing is so wrong and so obviously not working.

So many people see the word social and interpret it as being okay to still be social with other people. I have witnessed people overlapping their bubble with others so much. It's as if they think because that group of people are their friends, part of their "social circle" if you will, that it is okay to be closer than 6 feet apart, and without a mask. Allowing people to dine indoors at restaurants promotes this type of thinking, because you get together with three friends and sit at a small table, order drinks and food, and when the drinks arrive, off come the masks. What's the point of the mask to begin with then?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not anti mask. I think when people are made to wear a mask they are somewhat more likely to remember to maintain the 6 feet distance apart. Being a toucher and a hugger this distance part has been challenging for me personally, but putting on the mask keeps it forefront in my mind. I would hate to be the person who infected my friends, or families of my friends.

The government and media would have been so much better off calling it "healthy distance" or even better, "viral limit". Don't you think that would have worked much better? I think if it had been correctly named "viral limit" from the beginning, people would have been way more conscientious about keeping apart. Think about it, if you had been told to maintain a viral limit of 6 feet, you would be highly unlikely to overlap your bubble with your friends' bubbles. Big parties would have been highly curtailed. By using the word social, you have people believing it is okay to still get together because they are maintaining a few feet space separation.

The big thing this past summer was hearing about people travelling together in cars who were being pulled over and fined $1,000 each for not living at the same address. To be honest I have no sympathy for them. The same thing with people hosting birthday parties for their kids, or having a huge barbecue to celebrate some holiday. GET WITH THE PROGRAM YOU STUPID PEOPLE! Do not hang out with friends and family. If you do not live together, then you stay at your place and they stay at theirs.

I'm sorry you're missing a 50th anniversary party, a wedding, a funeral, even my son's birthday will be just us. Many of us have missed these milestones. It sucks yes, but at least we will be healthy.

I'm very fortunate that I'm one of the ones vaccinated early, as are my husband and son. That won't stop us from wearing the masks and doing our part to help keep ourselves, our family, friends, and acquaintances healthy. Please do the same for us.