December 24, 2011

Christmas musings

It's here.  Christmas has come around once again. 

This will probably be the last year - or close to it - that the little guy still believes in the mystery of Santa Claus.  That means we're more excited than ever to make it special for him. 

Earlier this summer he lost his DS and we told him to be good and we might get him one for Christmas.  So there is a DS under the tree and he's going to be really happy to see it.  Not only that, but my sister-in-law got him a Wii.  We are not sure what he'll want to play with first but he's going to be just beside himself. 

Aside the from the truly fun kid stuff, my strange child will be equally; excited to get his own tape dispenser and stapler.  He's funny like that. 

We are more excited than him, I think.  The anticipation of seeing his sweet little face light up at the sight of the gift-laden tree...I can't wait. 

So my sister-in-law came early today and, bless her, brought wine!  It's been so long since I had a few drinks that the first glass slid down pretty quick and set my head to spinning a little.  I figured it might be better to stick a little more food in the belly before drinking any more because I can only imagine me hobbling around on crutches while I'm muzzy-headed.  It's hard enough to get around on the crutches when I'm sober! 

Now that dinner's over, we're relaxing and watching White Christmas.  Nothing says Christmas like Bing Crosby.  What a loss to entertainment when he died!  He was always the voice of Christmas, but I have to say that in recent years Michael Buble has made himself the new voice!  I could listen to him sing the phone book. 

So I'm sitting here and wondering how soon we can get the little guy to bed and to sleep.  I'm tired and I am pretty sure my hubby is too.  We were up until 2:30 this morning in a marathon of wrapping.  It's all good though. 

Christmas is truly my favourite time of year, more so now that I have a son to enjoy it with.  I wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season.  Spend time with family.  Call your friends.  Don't drink and drive. 

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