November 08, 2011

A new cast on life

The trip to the emergency department paid off.  They removed the old cast and discovered that I was right!  Yes, I was right.  My foot had permanent contact with the cast in a couple of places, basically pushing the skin against bone and not allowing any circulation.  The new cast is much improved. 

But riddle me this Batman, why is it that I have to repeat the details to each new individual that looks at me in the hospital?  Do you people not talk to each other?  You can't or couldn't be bothered to read the file?  Or was my story not even written down to begin with?  Yes, fun times in the emergency room. 

So I'm back in bed, foot up, and listening to the seasonal sounds of the deer hunt.  The weather is nice - warmer than it should be for this time of year - so it's nice to have the window open and enjoy the outdoors since I can't actually go out right now. 

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