November 10, 2011

Requiem for a Rabbit

Poor Bugs.  We barely met him and he was gone. 

When my husband and son went to check on Bugs and give him more food and water, Bugs had died. 

That is sad for a number of reasons.  The person that dropped him off will never know that they condemned their former pet to death.  The coworker of my husband that was willing to take him into her home will now miss having Bugs.  My son now needs an explanation of what happened since he's only seven years old and death has not had much impact on his young life yet. 

As to what happened to Bugs, we can only speculate.  Based on my husband's observations of Bugs' behaviour, we believe he may have been stunned, either by a brush with a car or perhaps by the original tossing from a vehicle.  Either way, he was leaning to the left as he ran in circles. 

Another possibility is that Bugs simply succumbed to exposure.  After all, he was likely outside in the cold for at least two nights and days.  That's harsh for a former indoor pet. 

Either way, Bugs now rests in his cardboard coffin and will have a ceremonial burial on the weekend.  Poor bunny.  I'm so sorry that life didn't happen the way it should have for you.  Rest in peace little bunny. 

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