November 15, 2011

What makes daytime television successful?

I'm positive that there must be something there.  I've been watching television during the day on and off for weeks now.  The thing is, I can't find anything to recommend it. 

I don't want to impugn the intelligence of the daytime tv viewer, but I can't see how anyone who actually uses their head as more than a hat rack can actually watch more than an hour a day.  Follow me here...

Soap operas - Old format, stale storylines, even some of the actors look like they've been on the same show in the same role for fifty years. 

Talk shows - Not your old Mike Douglas or Phil Donohue.  Nowadays you've got Springer and other sensationalist type of programs.  They actually advertise for the freaks that appear on their shows - "Are you or someone you know a drug addict?" or "Are you sure you're really the father of your children?" 

"Reality" shows - Here's where I have a real problem.  I actually like reality shows like Battle of the Blades, Iron Chef, Survivor, Amazing Race.  But there are so many cheap, quick and dirty knockoffs out there now it's ridiculous.  There's Storage Wars, Cupcake Girls, Keeping up with the Kardashians, and the list goes on.  Is there nothing that won't become a reality show these days?  Why not one called "That Time of the Month", or "What Really Happens in the Garage".  How about "Homework Blues"?  Or my personal favourite potential new show "My Dog Has Fleas". 

News programs - Need I say more?  Snore. 

About the best chance of actual interesting viewing is on channels like The Learning Channel, Discovery Channel, Food Network, Space Channel and Spike (because it shows reruns of shows like CSI). 

Fortunately, we have satellite so I can actually listen to radio channels like "Rock of the Rock" from Newfoundland and when radio programming gets repetitive, there are dozens of Galaxy music channels.  I can listen to anything from big band to baroque. 

So I guess to answer my original question, the short answer is that what makes daytime television successful are the multitudes of people that can't think independently and come up with something better to do.  I have to go now, Oprah is on... LOL

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